Q: Do you offer any discount for siblings?

A: Yes, we offer a 25% sibling discount across all of our services. If for example, you book 3 children on to a session or camp, you will be charged the full standard amount for child 1, 25% off the full standard amount for child 2 and 25% off the full standard amount for child 3

Q: Will my child need to bring a packed lunch to your Holiday Camp?

A: Yes, we ask that all children bring a packed lunch to the holiday camp as well as plenty of snacks for both our morning and afternoon break. We do however have a no nuts policy to cater for those with allergies.

Q: When will matches be played at the Football Academy?

A: Matches against other academies and grassroots clubs for our Football Academy are arranged on an ad-hoc basis. Where we can, we will try to ensure this is arranged within the Monday 6-7pm time we would usually have training. If this differs, we will advise in advance.

Q: Will my child need to bring football boots for the football section of the holiday camp?

A: If you’re child has football boots then by all means please bring these to the camp otherwise please just being suitable footwear for playing football outside.

Q: Can my child do both football and the arts & crafts at the camp?

A: Every child that attends our camps is more than welcome to switch between both football and arts & crafts. Whilst we have some dedicated footballers and artists, we also have a large amount of children who like a bit of both.

Q: I’m not sure my child will definitely be able to attend the camp. Can I register him but make pay

A: Unfortunately we require payment to be made at the same time that you book on your child to secure your child’s place. In the event that the camp is fully booked at the time of booking, you can go on to our waiting list and will be notified when a space becomes free for you to book.