About Us


Our Philosophy

Maven Academy is based on the philosophy of having knowledge and passing it on to others. Because of this, our coaches are qualified up to a UEFA B standard so that they are equipped to effectively pass on knowledge to everyone that participates in our sessions. We also encourage children to pass on their own knowledge of the sports that they participate in to both their peers or as feedback to the coaches so that we can all be true mavens together.



We aim to teach everyone who participates in our sessions about that particular sport by breaking the sport down into bite-sized topics. The most effective way to do this is to engage with children which is why our sessions are always fun and relatable. By focusing on these topics we will then look to develop children’s ability each session whilst still building on and incorporating what was taught in previous sessions. Finally, we will look to support children in many different ways such as providing detailed performance reviews to allow them to reflect and progress.